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A Ross Welding Inner Circle

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A social network. A meeting place. A true collaboration and community. An inner circle is defined as an exclusive group close to the center of power of an organization or movement.

I look at it as a concentrated group within the oil/gas and welding industry of people who are coming together to take on our unique lifestyle. We aren't all exactly the same but we are cut from the same cloth.

Come to help others, learn from others and make real friends along the way. This is our place.

Member Perks

  • Start building your network without knowing anyone

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who have similar goals as you

  • Get a variety of answers to your hard-hitting questions

  • Deep dive with other members on niche topics like mobile rig welder, RV living, or new to pipeline, etc.

  • Grow personally and professionally with monthly member challenges, workshops, etc.

  • Find other members that are near you


It's less for people at a certain stage in the process and more for a certain type of person.

From seasoned to gonnabe's there is truly something for everyone. 

you must be


Why I created it...

I feel led to give you an opportunity that my platform allows me to give and to make it be filled full of everything I needed when I was starting and what I still need today


From the get-go, I told myself that if I was going to do YouTube I was going to do it differently. I strive to focus on the things that matter the most.... the things that affect your life. 

That is why I don't make videos about just welding. Those videos would get me more views than a video titled "HOW TO PICK YOUR FIRST CAMPER + OTHER LIVING OPTIONS" but for what?

I want to talk about the stuff that matters. And meet people to make friends not just get a job.

Let's talk about things like...

First campers, starter rigs, how to save for layoffs, overcoming the guilt of working away from your kids, and how to keep marriages strong in this whirlwind. 

Let's tell stories about... 

When we blew our hard-earned money because we were young and dumb (but it was fun), or that time we packed everything we owned and drove 6 states away in 72 hours, or how about what it was like to go against the grain and do something nobody in your family ever thought about doing. 

I really did create this for you... for us. And I'm so excited for you to see what it is all about, share your story and get involved with the community.

Who it's for and who it isn't for...

It's FOR you if you are looking to build a real network and be involved in a community. If you are interested in more than job leads. If you want to meet someone today that maybe your best friend in 3 years.

It's NOT for you if you are only looking for job leads. If you are only interested in self-promo. If you only really care about yourself and what you will get out of it. 


  • Discounts — on future products, courses, etc.

  • Inner Circle Only — merch, surprise guest, and live Q & As

  • Live Networking Chats

  • Invites to my local meet ups

  • Monthly goodie bag drawings

  • App to stay connected on the go

How it works...

When you join, you begin your collaboration with the rest of the crew. The more you participate, engage, and encourage others the more you get out of it. 

You can ask a question to the whole community or just to one of your circles (yes, circles within the circle). You can meet people near you. You can search for info or people based off key interests or topics. You can join events, join in on the group chat and message individual members.

To get started...

All you have to do is choose rather you want to join with a monthly or annual subscription. After that you will be taken to checkout and create an account.

Once you are on in inside check out the WELCOME section, fill out your profile and introduce yourself!

If you have questions once you are in just message Kayla or I through a private message and we can point you in the right direction.

It's as sweet as it sounds

I know you don't need to know any more to understand that this opportunity is rare...  In fact, I've never seen it done before.

Maybe you are one of those people I described above that this isn't for... but if any of what you have read struck a chord with you then this is for you

There isn't a dollar value for this type of connection and it really is as sweet as it sounds.

You in? [CLICK HERE] to join me and the rest of your community!

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